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Greetings and wishes for any occasion!

Random Greeting:  Christmas is approaching and I bet you wish you were nicer to me! Just kidding, Happy Christmas!
Greetings and Wishes

Sayings, poems, wishes, congratulations and greetings for the many festivals and celebrations we decorate our years with.

We offer all sorts greetings and wishes. Everything that you can put on your greeting card, in your email or SMS. Spoken or written congratulations, greetings, wishes and more!

Each year there are beautiful ceremonial occasions, fun festivals and significant celebrations or anniversaries, such as births, baptisms, weddings, birthdays, communion, confirmations, Easter, Christmas, Mothers day or retirements.

Enjoy our sayings, poems, wishes / congratulations and greetings. We've arranged them in order of the various events, parties and celebrations - in the hopes that they will make you and your friends smile.

Our greetings, wishes and congratulations are all original. Feel free to use them for your greeting card, email or SMS message. Choose from our wide-ranging repertoire of sayings, rhymes, small poems and greetings for inspiration or just copy them into your private Ecard, SMS or email!

We wish you fun in browsing our categories, and good luck in finding the right words for your occasion!

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